Happy New Year Everyone!!!  This episode I decided to take some to address how I developed a love for podcasts, and what has led me to this in my pod ...View Details

Hey there friends! Happy 2020!  I've missed you all (well, I've actually talked and heard from many of you over the holiday break), and have definitel...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks with music aficionado, roller derby girl, and mom Amy "Fun Fetti" Litviak (@kupkake_Amy)  In addition to stayin...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks with Off The Beaten Podcast Graphic Artist Heather Calvert (@HCAL23). Dion and Heather got together recently fo...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks about a plethora of revelations and thoughts he had while laid up over the weekend with a horrible bout of food...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks to Sarah Chung (@jdognasian).  Sarah is a Paralympian Judoka, having competed in the 2016 Rio Paralympic games,...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) spends some time reflecting on his thoughts on Veteran's Day, and takes some time to recount his time in the Illinois...View Details

This episode Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks to Francis Almeda (@almedagrill), founder of Reppin Pins. Reppin makes pins that represent what you love, and d...View Details

This week Dion (@Dionsmusica) offers up an important public service announcement.  But first, he quickly talks about the ongoing Chicago Teachers Stri...View Details

This week Dion (@Dionsmusica) talks about the upcoming Chicago Teachers Strike.  Dion is a former educator, a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, a...View Details

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